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SKF's Lovecraft Spoof to Open Motor City Nightmares Film Fest

Motor City Nightmares unveiled the screening schedule for their upcoming Weekend of Horror Film Fest today and Stunt Kitty Films' "A Fish Called Martha or: Who's Really Afraid of H.P. Lovecraft Anyway?" is in the number one slot -- 5pm Friday, April 15th. That means our uncanny little comedy of the bizarre will be opening the festival. How cool is that?

SKF's A Fish Called Martha or: Who's Really Afraid of H.P. Lovecraft Anyway? to Premiere at Motor City Nightmares Weekend of Horror Film Fest

Stunt Kitty Films is pleased to announce "A Fish Called Martha or: Who's Really Afraid of H.P. Lovecraft Anyway!" is an official selection of the Motor City Nightmares Weekend of Horror Film Festival in Novi, Michigan. This will be the world premiere of the latest odditity from the no-budget filmmakers.

Principle Photography Completed on A Fish Called Martha

Stunt Kitty Films is pleased to announce principle photography has been completed on their latest short "A Fish Called Martha".

Attack of the Baby Doll Reviewed by Hacker's Source!

We're excited to announce SKF's newest film ATTACK OF THE BABY DOLL, has been reviewed in the April 17th issue of THE HACKER'S SOURCE magazine.

Publisher Eve Blaack is an undying fan and supporter of independent horror filmmaker community.

You can order your copy online at

We're ON THE LOT...

After long weeks of waiting, STUNT KITTY FILMS has made it ON THE LOT, or at least on the website for ON THE LOT.

Yes, an excerpt from our most recent film, ATTACK OF THE BABY DOLL, has been posted for viewing and comments on the website for the new Fox reality program executive produced by Steven Spielberg.

If you have a chance, please take a look and tell us what you think. It features an intro by our director, Debora Roventini, and some silly behind-the-scenes footage as well as a five minute musical number.


After many long hours of hard work we're proud to announce the completion of our latest film, ATTACK OF THE BABY DOLL! Check back for news on upcoming screenings. reviews THE GOLEM

Recently Allen Richards of was kind enough to review Stunt Kitty Films latest film, THE GOLEM, for his indie film site.

For those unfamiliar with Allen and his work, he has been an outspoken champion of microcinema and indie filmmaking almost from the beginning, offering a meeting place on the web at for film makers to share their experiences and ideas about the art and craft of microcinema.

Attack of the Baby Doll! -- The Official Webpages

The official web pages for SKF's latest short film, "Attack of the Baby Doll!" are now up in advance of the film's completion...

For those unable to wait for the completion of the film, you can get an early look at "Babydoll" by viewing our collection of lobbycards featuring some of the outrageous scenes from the film here.

SKF visits Dr. Morbius' Movie Mausoleum

Here's something you don't do everyday --

Bill, Dr. Morbius, #6, Debora and Philip

On Saturday, February 5th, SKF went to visit Los Angeles horror show host, Dr. Morbius at his Movie Mausoleum...

We're pleased to say we received an appropriately chilly welcome from Dr. Morbius, #6 and everyone at the Mausoleum and an absolutely ghoulish time was had by all.

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