Stunt Kitty Films' The Portal: A Web Series

It seemed like the perfect escape... until it didn't.

Love in the Time of Blasters

The only thing bigger than their love was like the whole damn universe!

UFO Over NoHo

You will see flying saucers

A Fish Called Martha or: Who's Really Afraid of H.P. Lovecraft Anyway?

It's out of the frying pan and into George and Martha's rumpus room for a night of supernatural mambo jumbo!

Blob on a Hot Tin Roof

The classic movie mashup that has Tennessee Williams spinning in his grave... with laughter!

Whatever Happened to Debora Roventini?

Welcome to Debora's World.

Stunt Kitty Films' Attack of the Baby Doll

One man's trash... is another man's nightmare!

Stunt Kitty Films' The Golem

Forget skeletons in the closet... this family has a Golem in the garage.

Stunt Kitty Films' Dead Stop

It's kick-boxing granola head vs. cat-loving psycho killer in this 'Friday the 13th'-type thriller.