The only thing bigger than their love was like the whole damn Universe!

Space cadets race against time to rescue a sci-fi author and his jealous wife from vaporizing one another.

It's out of the frying pan and into George and Martha's rumpus room for a night of supernatural mambo jumbo!

...when young H.P. and his slim-hipped wife, fleeing a monster of cosmic proportions, seek refuge on the campus of the infamous Miskatonic University in this outrageous parody of things Lovecraft and Hollywood.

SKF celebrates the fifty year anniversaries of two American film classics (released one week apart in 1958) with a movie mash-up that will have Tennessee Williams spinning in his grave... with laughter!

Excess Hollywood segment producer reflects back on one of the craziest moments from the entertainment show's past -- an interview with b-movie actress Debora Roventini that spins wildly out of control accidently revealing the secret to her success in this mind-bending spoof.

One man's trash is... another man's nightmare!

in this eerie tale of a musical theater writer with a mania for doll collecting who conspires with his wanna b-movie actress aunt for a one-of-a-kind baby doll and all the murder and mayhem and song and dance that follows.

"As a fellow writer and director of film, I just have to say I loved the film. I laughed all the way through it, even though it was a Horror film. Keep up the creative work."
"If Lily Tomlin and Karen Black had a love child, it would most surely be Debora Roventini."

Estranged siblings are forced to confront a dark past when they return home after their father dies to discover a monster living in the family garage.

It's kick-boxing granola head vs. cat-loving psycho killer in this "Friday the 13th"-type thriller.

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