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Caricature of Philip by Las Vegas Artist Victor Rinaldi

Recently a caricature of Philip by Las Vegas artist Victor Rinaldi was commissioned by his employer, the Red Rock Casino & Spa Resort.

You can view more of Mr. Rinaldi's work at his web site

William Bertrand Featured in the Notorious NIGHT TRAP Video Game

We recently learned SKF member William Bertrand is featured in the notorious NIGHT TRAP video game starring Dana Plato.

For those unfamiliar with the game or the controversy it created, you'll want to watch the following short documentary, DANGEROUS GAMES.

Philip Books His First Commercial in Las Vegas

Philip does what Philip does best in his first commercial booking in Las Vegas.

"The Secret" Revealed by Alex, Steve and Debora on THE LAST SHOW

If you haven't heard yet, SKF alum Steve Ledoux with Alex Honda have started their own LA public access talk show called "THE LAST SHOW" and for the second time in a row Debora Roventini has appeared as their very special guest.

In the most recent episode, Alex, Steve and Debora take on the book publishing phenomenom, "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne in their own inimitable way. The complete episode is now online at in three parts.

Part 1 of THE LAST SHOW with Alex, Steve and Debora

Attack of the Baby Doll Reviewed by Hacker's Source!

We're excited to announce SKF's newest film ATTACK OF THE BABY DOLL, has been reviewed in the April 17th issue of THE HACKER'S SOURCE magazine.

Publisher Eve Blaack is an undying fan and supporter of independent horror filmmaker community.

You can order your copy online at

We're ON THE LOT...

After long weeks of waiting, STUNT KITTY FILMS has made it ON THE LOT, or at least on the website for ON THE LOT.

Yes, an excerpt from our most recent film, ATTACK OF THE BABY DOLL, has been posted for viewing and comments on the website for the new Fox reality program executive produced by Steven Spielberg.

If you have a chance, please take a look and tell us what you think. It features an intro by our director, Debora Roventini, and some silly behind-the-scenes footage as well as a five minute musical number.


After many long hours of hard work we're proud to announce the completion of our latest film, ATTACK OF THE BABY DOLL! Check back for news on upcoming screenings.

Philip Cuts FOOTLOOSE!

Stunt Kitty Films presents Philip Faiss' smash karaoke performance of the popular 80's hit by Kenny Loggins following a very satisfying three entree dinner!

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