The Portal Episode 3 Drops April 24th

Episode 3: We Are Detectives

Stunt Kitty Films is pleased to announce Episode 3 of our new web series The Portal drops Saturday, April 24th at 5pm PDT / 8pm EDT. If you weren't able to attend the premiere of the first episodes there's still time to see them on YouTube at before the new episode airs.

Feel free to let us know you watched in the YouTube comments section and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel and click the notification bell to receive updates on all the new videos we post.

And thank you for all or your support.

About Stunt Kitty Films Co-founders Rob Robinson, Debra Roventini and Philip Faiss have been making films together and separately for twenty two plus years and show no signs of slowing down or speeding up.

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Posted on 21-04-23 by Stunt Kitty Films in portal , projects , news
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