Stunt Kitty Films Announces World Premiere

Episode 1: A Shocking Discovery

The wait is over! The time has arrived!

We are pleased to announce the world premiere of the first two episodes of our long awaited mystery web series The Portal is April 17th at 5pm PDT/8pm EDT on

"It seemed like the perfect escape... until it wasn't."

In a world driven stir-crazy by never-ending pandemic lockdown, one woman's ability to astral project to far off lands helped eased her anxiety until the night she makes a startling discovery which suddenly propels her into a seedy world of auto mechanic lotharios, sketchy scientists and scheming Lithuanians forcing her to confront the true nature of her gift.

Stunt Kitty Films' THE PORTAL is one wacky mystery that will have you guessing right along with the characters over eight suspenseful episodes; latest video project from the team that brought you the most popular movies ATTACK OF THE BABY DOLL and LOVE IN THE TIME OF BLASTERS among many others.

The Portal stars Debra Roventini, Philip Faiss and Rob Robinson along with a talented and generous group of family and friends who helped us with our pandemic project: Bobbie Roventini, Drew Ishii, Jeff Cook, William Bertrand, Tim Maiden, Martin Perrier, Ken MacFarlane, Chyke, Peter John Daniels, Pam & Jay Hunter, Julie and John Wainscoat and Jeff Robinson.

The premiere of Episode #1 will begin sharply at 5pm PDT/8pm EDT with Episode #2 available to view directly after. Additional episodes will be posted on YouTube weekly thereafter.

Be sure to friend us on Facebook and subscribe to our YouTube channel and don't forget to click the bell to receive notices on future episodes of The Portal series as they are released

This is a free screening and all interested parties are invited to watch. Please feel free to share this invitation with anyone you think would enjoy it. Making movies is hard work and our only reward is the thrill of being able to share our work with appreciative audiences where ever we find them.

We hope to see you there...

About Stunt Kitty Films Co-founders Rob Robinson, Debra Roventini and Philip Faiss have been making films together and separately for twenty two plus years and show no signs of slowing down or speeding up.

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Posted on 21-04-08 by Stunt Kitty Films in portal , projects , news
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