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So what normally happens during a small film production, or at least on our small film productions, is that while focused on production itself, we completely forget about doing all of the small promtional things which go along with the process.

We've been shooting for three to four weeks now, gathering together the bits and pieces we'll need for the final production. Our main focus has been to film the various guest spots for each of the episodes as we feared everybody would be going back to work. Atthis point, we've managed to successfully film all but one of the guest appearances which we've sceduled for the Fourth of July weekend. All of our performers have been generous with their time and seemed to enjoy the opportunity to act during the lockdown.

We've also shot almost all of co-star Philip Faiss' scenes except for two small bits in episode six which we hope to catch at the beginning of this coming week.

Posted on 20-06-27 by Stunt Kitty Films in news
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