Attack of the Baby Doll! -- The Official Webpages

The official web pages for SKF's latest short film, "Attack of the Baby Doll!" are now up in advance of the film's completion...

For those unable to wait for the completion of the film, you can get an early look at "Babydoll" by viewing our collection of lobbycards featuring some of the outrageous scenes from the film here.

We've also posted a quicktime audio file of the "Drag Queen's Lament" a quirky little musical ditty written by Philip and Ina for our film's climatic fight scene here.

Feel free to post comments where appropriate or email us with your suggestions using the feedback link to the left. And please check back for updates as we include additional news and information about this, our latest production.

Posted on 05-07-24 by Stunt Kitty Films in news
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