Attack of the Baby Doll

One man's trash is... another man's nightmare!

Running Time: 25 mins
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Request a SCREENER Today! this eerie tale of a musical theater writer with a mania for doll collecting who conspires with his wanna b-movie actress aunt for a one-of-a-kind baby doll.

"As a fellow writer and director of film, I just have to say I loved the film. I laughed all the way through it, even though it was a Horror film. Keep up the creative work."
"If Lily Tomlin and Karen Black had a love child, it would most surely be Debora Roventini."
Starring --

Philip Faiss... himself
Debora Roventini... herself
William Bertrand... himself
Steve Ledoux... himself
Justin Cooper...

Directed & Edited by Debora Roventini
Written & Produced by Rob Robinson
Poster Art: 

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